Bread and Morning Goods

Whether it is our range of Kingsmill and Hovis products, or the exceptional quality Roberts bread we stock, we can match all of your daily needs for fresh bakery products.

Sliced Bread

Kingsmill White (Medium, Thick) 800g
Kingsmill Wholemeal (Medium, Thick) 800g
Kingsmill 50,50 (Medium/Thick) 800g
Kingsmill Toasty 800g
Allinson 800g
Hovis White (Medium, Thick) 800g
Hovis Wholemeal (Medium, Thick) 800g
Hovis Granary (Medium, Thick) 800g
Hovis Best of Both (Medium Thick) 800g
Hovis Farmhouse White Medium 800g
Hovis Farmhouse Wholemeal Medium 800g
Hovis Premium White Medium 400g
Roberts White (Medium, Thick, Extra Thick) 800g
Roberts Brown (Medium, Thick, Extra Thick) 800g
Roberts Wholemeal (Medium, Thick, Extra Thick) 800g
Roberts Malted (Medium, Thick, Extra Thick) 800g
Mothers Pride White (Medium, Thick) 800g
Mothers Pride Brown (Medium) 800g

Morning Goods

Kingsmill Soft White Rolls 6, 12
Kingsmill Wholemeal Rolls 6
Roberts White Batch Rolls 4, 6, 12
Roberts Large White Rolls 4, 12
Roberts White Finger Rolls 6
Roberts White Salad Batch Rolls (Sliced, Unsliced) 12
Roberts Brown Batch Rolls 4
Roberts Wholemeal Batch Rolls 4
Roberts Large Wholemeal Rolls 4
Crumpets 6
Muffins 6

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