Our cheese range is extensive and features all of your essentials in a variety of pack sizes, as well as a great range of Welsh cheese in support of the local farming community. We can also offer a good supporting range of international cheeses, to cater for all of your menu options.

British Block Cheese

Extra Mature Cheddar 5kg
Mature Cheddar 5kg
Mild Cheddar 5kg
Cornish Yarg 1kg
Red Leicester 2kg
Smoked Acre 2.2kg
Stilton 2kg

Welsh Cheese Block

Perl Wen 1kg
Perl Las 1kg
Golden Cenarth 1kg
Boksburg Gold 1kg
Boksburg Blue 1kg
Caerphilly 1kg
Smoked Caerphilly 1kg
Gorwydd Caerphilly 1kg
Hafod Organic Welsh Cheddar 1kg
Colliers Welsh Cheddar 1kg
Baby Teifi (Plain, Cumin Seed, Seaweed, Nettle) 1kg
Pant Mawr Caws y Graig Goats 1kg
Pant Mawr Caws Cerwyn 1kg
Pant Mawr Oak Smoked Cerwyn 1kg
St Illtyd 1kg
Y Fenni 1kg
Harlech 1kg
Tintern 1kg
Snowdonia Extra Mature 1kg
Snowdonia Red Devil 1kg
Snowdonia Green Thunder 1kg
Snowdonia Pickle Power 1kg
Snowdonia Bouncing Berry 1kg
Snowdonia Ginger Spice 1kg
Snowdonia Smoked Cheddar 1kg
Snowdonia Amber Mist 1kg

Other Block Cheese

Brie Whole 1kg
Camembert Rustique 1kg
Chevre Log (Goats Cheese) 1kg
Cashel Irish Blue 1.4kg
Dolcelatte 1.6kg
Edam Ball 2kg
Emmenthal 3.5kg
Feta Greek Cheese 900g
German Smoked Log 2kg
Gorgonzola 1.5kg
Gouda 4kg
Juraregal 1.7kg
Manchego 2.6kg
Mascarpone 2kg
Monterrey Jack 5kg
Mozzarella Block 1kg
Galbani Mozzarella 1kg
Mozzarella 1kg
Paneer 1kg
Parmesan Grana Padano 2.2kg
Philadelphia 1.65kg
Port Salut 2kg
Ricotta Cheese 1.5kg
Roquefort 1.4kg
Smoked German Log 2kg
Tornegus Cheese 2kg

Soft Cheese

Mascarpone 2kg
Full Fat Soft Cheese 2kg
Cottage Cheese 2kg
Philadelphia 1.65kg

British Cheese Portioned, Sliced and Grated

Cathedral City Portions 200g, 350g
Stilton Wedge 180g
Mixed Cheese Portions 50x20g
Cheddar Portions 50x20g
Cheddar Slices 50x20g
Mature Cheddar Grated 1kg
Mild Cheddar Grated 1kg

Welsh Cheese Portions

Celtic Promise 500g
Perl Las Mini 450g
Snowdonia Extra Mature Truckle 200g
Snowdonia Red Devil Truckle 200g
Snowdonia Green Thunder Truckle 200g
Snowdonia Pickle Power Truckle 200g
Snowdonia Bouncing Berry Truckle 200g
Snowdonia Ginger Spice Truckle 200g
Snowdonia Smoked Cheddar Truckle 200g
Snowdonia Amber Mist Truckle 200g
Smoked Caerphilly 180g
Welsh Goats Individual 100g

Continental Cheese, Portioned, Sliced and Grated.

Babybel Portions 96x20g
Belpaese Portions 24x25g
Boccacini 1kg
Camembert Portion 8x30g
Camembert Round 250g
Halloumi 250g
Mozzarella Buffalo Balls 200g
Mozzarella Bags 125g
Philadelphia Portions 16x24g
Emmenthal Slices 50x20g
Mozzarella Cheddar – Grated Mix 2kg
Mozzarella Grated 2kg
Parmesan Fresh Grated 1kg
Parmesan Grana Padano Fresh Flakes 1kg

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